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Pulling Ordinary Files from WordPress Media Library Using Gatsby Resolvers

Back in September 2019 I wrote an article that covered the downloading and caching of images from the WordPress Media Library into Gatsby. I was working with relatively normal Gatsby builds, that only needed access to images from WordPress. Since then I was began work on a project that needed to pull in both images […]

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Gatsby Source Plugin Starter Example Breakdown

I recently published an article covering the development of a custom Gatsby Source Plugin. To help get off the ground faster I created a starter repository. I didn’t want to include too much details in the tutorial, so I have written this article to explain the files and reasoning behind what goes into the starter […]

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Gatsby JS Source Plugin Tutorial Step by Step for Beginners

A simple step by step guide for creating a Gatsby JS source plugins, to help developers new to the eco-system. Includes starter templates to get you moving!

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ESLint Snippets To Disable Linting

I love a good bit of linting. But what I don’t love is having to remember 101 (exaggeration maybe) little bits of code to easily navigate my JS environments. Thankfully this is where this blog comes in use!   These snippets are the ones that although simple, always slip my mind. They are not tough, […]

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Quick and Easy React Provider and Context with Hooks Template

While researching the best way to implement React Context into my projects, I found that a lot of the articles were over-complicating what should be a very simple process. The code below is a slimmed down use case, so you can copy straight into your build. There is a template for setting up the provider […]

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Essential Git Commands

Here are several git commands I keep having to Google. This is either due to barely using them, or just them not sinking in. Hopefully this list will help you out as well! Create a New Branch and Move into It Very simple, but took me a while to remember! Create a new branch and […]

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Gatsby with WordPress – Caching Downloaded Media Images to Reduce Build Time

I have been working with WordPress as a back end CMS (one of the many micro services) and Gatsby to generate the website. To connect the two I am using a WordPress plugin called WP GraphQL, and a Gatsby plugin called Gatsby Source GraphQL. Everything was working brilliantly, apart from being able to use any […]

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Function to get Polyline Map Bounds Easily for fitBounds

A simple JavaScript function that takes a collection of londitude and latidute points in an array, and returns the bounds for use with maps.