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Gatsby Source Plugin Starter Example Breakdown

I recently published an article covering the development of a custom Gatsby Source Plugin. To help get off the ground faster I created a starter repository. I didn’t want to include too much details in the tutorial, so I have written this article to explain the files and reasoning behind what goes into the starter […]

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Gatsby JS Source Plugin Tutorial Step by Step for Beginners

A simple step by step guide for creating a Gatsby JS source plugins, to help developers new to the eco-system. Includes starter templates to get you moving!

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Gatsby with WordPress – Caching Downloaded Media Images to Reduce Build Time

I have been working with WordPress as a back end CMS (one of the many micro services) and Gatsby to generate the website. To connect the two I am using a WordPress plugin called WP GraphQL, and a Gatsby plugin called Gatsby Source GraphQL. Everything was working brilliantly, apart from being able to use any […]

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Building React components for Gatsby using NPM link and Hooks – Cant resolve ‘react’ solution

I have been working on components for Gatsby JS, and including React Hooks. The idea is they will be packaged up separately and pushed to NPM. To make the build easier I house the component in a separate directory and npm link to a Gatsby test site. Everything was going well until I introduced the […]

WordPress and Gatsby work together for fast website

GatsbyJS and WordPress Gives Website a Lease of Life

After over three years of having the same WordPress theme, it was time for a change! This came about for a few reasons. There was nothing overwhelmingly wrong with the theme, but the font wasn’t the best on mobile. It’s nice to read an article on a mobile phone and not have to squint. I […]

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Creative / Development Inspiration 63

Colour can limit a designers creativity. GatsbyJS improves site speed by 70%. Netflix uses A/B testing. And why apps should be "thumb-able". This and more in this weeks design development inspiration rundown.