Esri Wind Animation

Creative and Development Inspiration 19

This weeks design and development inspiration has a couple of great Codepen projects, showing off HTML5, Canvas and JS. On top of that I have found articles and design from across the web to get you into the mood.   The Last Experience I’ll start you off with something great, and strange. The Last Experience […]

Darkstink Stinkmoji Hero

Creative and Development Inspiration 18

This weeks list is more development based. Some incredible new packages being released, as well as some great examples of what can be achieved on the web. Don’t fret however, you designers. There is a little bit of something for you as well!   Your Interactive Makes Me Sick Picture this: you’re sitting in a car, […]

SVG Landscape Animation

Creative and Development Inspiration 17

SVG Landscapes SVG animations are really starting to come into their own. Speckyboy has pulled together a great selection of SVG landscapes with animations to show off the potential. Some brilliant styling!   Epic Spinners A collection of CSS only spinners. Perfect for loading animations within an app or website. Great selection all in […]

CSS Animation Shooter Game

Creative and Development Inspiration 16

This post has been a long time coming, what with crippling man flu (sympathy vote alert) and work deadlines I haven’t been able to put anything together. I have however had a lot of time to stare at my phone and look at pretty pictures. That means that this list is especially special, and has […]

SVG Landscape Polygon Background

Creative and Development Inspiration 15

After a weeks break (Girlfriends birthday) I am back with another web dev/design rundown. There are some great UX/UI articles, as well as some darn pretty pictures.   People Don’t Scroll ( and Other Page Length Myths ) A few page length myths debunked. A few of those “beliefs” that are thrown around and checked […]

Material Design Example

Creative and Development Inspiration 14

This week I have found some great links for UX snippets and examples, some CSS/JS magic, and a little titbit for you cryptocurrency geeks. All in a days work.   Bye bye Material Design Considering Material Design for your next project? Emin Durak thinks otherwise. He belives that it is, I quote, “premature, shallow and […]

Poor UI Missile Threat

Creative and Development Inspiration 13

2018 so far seems to be the year that UX/UI is at the forefront of every-bodies mind. Maybe that’s just me though? Well with that thought, here are a few links to tickle your Monday brain. Some are educational some are just pretty.   Microinteractions to Help Improve UX As your users spend time on […]

Spotify releases development API

Creative and Development Inspiration 12

A mixed bag this week. Some great new additions to the code snippets bookmark list, as well a new design inspiration website. Also, Spotify likes developers!   9 Custom Open Source File Upload Field Snippets Upload fields are one of the toughest inputs to restyle. If you’re hoping to customize your upload inputs, this gallery […]