Purple banner for the adtrack website showing cartoon figures

Creative / Development Inspiration 65

I have recently been interested in two sub sections of web development. UX and DevOps. With that in mind, as well as having the standard design and development inspiration I have included a few articles on these topics. It makes sense to have a basic understand of as much as you can in this industry, […]

Screenshot of CodePen rotating SVG example

Creative / Development Inspiration 64

Tips on rotating SVGs, automatic deployment of WordPress using Trellis, and blog design on a budget. This weeks design development inspiration has a right mix of examples. Enjoy!   Website Inspiration Concrete Toronto based creative agency. Big images, quick loading site. Simple. No messy animations. Just gets the point across. Looks like it needs to […]

Picture of design program with palette open and card designs visiable

Creative / Development Inspiration 63

Colour can limit a designers creativity. GatsbyJS improves site speed by 70%. Netflix uses A/B testing. And why apps should be "thumb-able". This and more in this weeks design development inspiration rundown.

Blue background, with white dots and lines representing the Internet of Things

Creative / Development Inspiration 62

Two brilliant example websites for inspiration, as well as articles on the correct way to design forms and how to automate your APIs. Have you ever relied on UX research without thinking about it? How about writing UX micocopy? All of this is in this weeks rundown.

American Sex Education App Display Banner

Creative / Development Inspiration 61

Touching on accessibility and inclusiveness. How VR could make designers faster, and why user personaa should be less, not more. This weeks design dev inspiration rundown.

Lego mini figures made entirely from CSS and HTML

Creative / Development Inspiration 60

Website Inspiration Design Agency The landing page goes straight for the kill. They know what the user wants, so provide it straight immediately. Combined with great design and visuals this site is a perfect example of a great sales funnel. https://designagency.io/   Designer Resources, Examples and Inspiration Misrepresenting the truth to make travelling easier Transforming […]

User Journey Mapping

Creative / Development Inspiration 59

What is your UX process? Fancy writing User Stories? These articles go hand in hand with slowing down the design process. Plus more!

Mapping a User Story

Creative / Development Inspiration 58

New year happened. and then Christmas happened. And then I went away for jolly. Enough time to break a habit.   Not a chance.   This weeks design and developer inspiration rundown has even more of the good stuff. Want to know more about accessibility? Check. How about the newest CMSs on the scene? I […]