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The beginning of a design system plan

Concerned you assume too much when looking at website data? Need to create websites fast, and fed up of the lack of small CSS files to get you moving? What about knowing what MVP approach to use? This weeks design and development run down covers all that, and a lot more!


Designer Resources, Examples and Inspiration

Designing for Social Media

A breakdown of some of the Internets favourite tools for curating a beautiful social feed in no time.


If the User has to Think About It. You Have Done It Wrong

A UX design case study on eCommerce checkout. However, this lesson can be applied to many website forms and conversion pages. Break it down!


How to Build a Design System

A general process on how Mokriya converts pre-existing websites and brands into a documented design system.


Development Snippets, Samples, and Articles

Hyper Editor

A backend independent visual composer for the web. I haven’t fully looked into implementation, but this looks like a useful tool for smaller projects!



A simple, easy, very quick to use style sheet that allows fast creation of basic sites. The essentials to get you off the ground running. And only 2kb!


Stop Using so Many Divs!

An intro to semantic HTML – Why divs should be a container of “last resort”.


A Bit of Everything

How to Assume Our Assumptions are Right?

User testing, user interviews, metrics and testing. All of these are ways to getting a broader understanding of the product and how users interact with it. The issue is our bias on how we interpret the data.


Avoiding the Wrong MVP Approach

MVPs often don’t need code, but teams forget this. Our organisations are so used to solving every problem with software that we forget that we can learn what we need by faster, more effective means.


The Role of UX Writing in Design Ethics

The words in your user interface (UI) directly influence the decisions your users make. The role of a UX writer, or product writer is to ensure the user with a positive and easy experience. Unfortunately dark patterns have crept into design, and this is an ethical issue.


How to do Better Work for More Money

A break down of how to be “strategic independent” and why, whatever path you’re on and expertise you have, you can bring more value for yourself and your clients by thinking strategically.

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