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This week is very UX design focused. An area of the digital spectrum that is getting more interest than usual. A few pieces on how to approach workflows, and build as a UX designer. On top of that there are also articles on static sites, management techniques, and the process of design. Enjoy this weeks Design Development rundown!


Designer Resources, Examples and Inspiration

Working as a UX Designer

What is a UX designer? Anton Sten puts his words on what he does


UX Design Process — Maps, Paths, Signs, and Magic.

Because user experience always starts with a task, the UX design process should always start with asking questions about the task at hand. Let’s do a deep dive into how you should approach it.


Ten Myths that can Ruin Your Mobile UX

FireArt pull together 10 very large myths that (that I hear regularly) that can ruin your mobile website or app UX


Three Routines that make me a Better UX Designer

Micha shares three routines to become a better UX Designer. And TBH, some really good ideas. Especially about IFTTT.


Development Snippets, Samples, and Articles


An online editor for the web, working as a local editor. Even more fun, whatever you code here can be deployed directly to Netlify!


Fastest Conference Website in the World

Arguably maybe not the fastest, but the article gives some great insight into what the developer did to make it so fast. Regex on Adobe Typekit (smart) as well as giving thoughts to how to improve even more.


A Bit of Everything

Saying Goodbye to “Good Enough”

Perfection is unattainable and good enough is simply not enough. Instead, let’s shift the mindset towards great enough, a new mentality and theme to weave into your everyday work.


How to Organise Files in a Design Agency

Organisation is so so important when it comes to the process of design and finally hand off. As a developer I get the back end of that process, and it is usually a nightmare. This walk through has come great hints and tips!


Nine Lessons for the First Time Manager

Not completely design related, but articles like this can never hurt. Even if you are not yet in management, it is good to understand the skills needed to deal with people. Fullstop.


Value First, Not Minutes

Something I am a massive believer in. Value Based Pricing. Charge for your head, and not for your hands.


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