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A floorplan of a house created in CSS Grid

A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks! I re-designed Thoughts and Stuff using Gatsby, went to a talk about cookies and tracking (I will write a blog on it. maybe) and the interwebs has progressed a hell of a lot. Here is my weekly web developer and designer rundown to get you up to speed!

Designer Resources, Examples and Inspiration

How to Simplify Design

Companies are in constant pursuit of building simple and usable products. More features, new technologies, and advanced capabilities but still in a lightweight and simple to use format. More often than not, making it simple is the hardest thing there can be.


Is Responsive Design Dead

An article that really resonates with me. It’s no longer a selling point when everyone is doing it. And it‘s not impressive if you’re doing a lazy job.


Using Whitespace in a Hero Area

Nataly Birch shows a selection of hero banners, and how white space can be used to set content apart from everything else.


Development Snippets, Samples, and Articles

CSS Grid: Floor Plan

A brilliant example of what the CSS grid can create. A codepen by Olivia NG.



DropCSS is an unused CSS cleaner; it takes your HTML and CSS as input and returns only the used CSS as output.


Building Accessible Websites and Apps is a Moral Obligation

Two sides on a coin. Should web developers code with accessibility in mind always? Should sites be designed with these users in mind?


A Bit of Everything

Eight Tips for Improving Contact Form Conversions

As undesirable as they are, forms are still necessary. They generate leads, collect valuable user information and interact with users even when a rep is not available. How can they be made more appealing?


Should I Make This

A website to build your pre-launch mailing list and get feedback on your idea before building. Post your idea and get feedback and early signups from the community.


Stop Dwelling on Being Design-led: Focus on the User.

To build more powerful products, no one function should play a supporting role.



Not really so web focused, but a brilliant website either way! Add MP4s or Movs and get a video mocked up in a device.

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