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I have recently been interested in two sub sections of web development. UX and DevOps. With that in mind, as well as having the standard design and development inspiration I have included a few articles on these topics. It makes sense to have a basic understand of as much as you can in this industry, so read on! (if anyone has any other articles that could help me in my learning, send them my way!).


Website Inspiration


Nottingham based digital agency has one of the better websites I have seen. Loads incredibly fast, works well on both mobile and desktop, and has ROI copy on the homepage…


Designer Resources, Examples and Inspiration

What are Design Systems

A great article by Renee Fleck on well performing digital products use design systems to make workflows more efficient.


Emotionally Intelligent Design: Your Mobile App Needs a Soul

We have paid a lot of attention to the functional layer of technology, slightly forgetting about its emotional one. Technology is constantly integrating into every aspect of our lives. Emotionally intelligent interactions with our devices are shaping the future of our mobile devices.


UI Redesigns are Mostly a Waste of Time

This article (although a little click-baity) believes that UI redesigns are 95% of the time a waste of time. Listen to what they have to say – I am inclined to agree.


How to Create a SaaS Landing Page that Converts

Build a SaaS landing page that delights visitors, converts prospects, and gains customers


5 Hacks to Improve Your Designs

This guide is meant to give a few tips on how to prevent your site from looking like yet-another-website.


Wireframes are Becoming Less Relevant — and That’s a Good Thing

This goes against my personal opinion, but it is good to have a opposing argument. God forbid a considered debate 😉


Development Snippets, Samples, and Articles

Regex Cheat Sheet

A regular expression, or ‘regex’, is used to match parts of a string. This article is a great cheat sheet.


Making the Switch Away from Icon Fonts to SVG: Converting Font Icons to SVG

Why, and how you should move your web fonts to SVG – hint: you should.


A Bit of UX

Build a UX Writing Portfolio that Gets You Hired

Are you a talented UX writer having a difficult time getting hired? Or maybe you’re looking to get into a UX writing career. In either case, it’s important to know how to properly put together a strong portfolio.


Do Visitors Understand Your Product? The Secret For SaaS Conversion Rates

If users don’t understand what you are selling, you arn’t going to sell it…


How to Measure UX in Your Product

It all comes down to quantifying what you are doing. If it cant show a percentage improvement, or a estimated improvement – it probably wont get done…


A Bit of DevOps

The Three Ways of DevOps

The Three Ways is a commonly used phrase to explain the underlying principles of the DevOps movement. This article briefly explains the three ways.


Why Hire Me (The DevOps Mindset)

An article by Kevin Cadogan on why he should be hired. A great insight into what is needed in the current industry to progress as a front end developer.


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