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Running is bad for you

At one point or another I imagine you have been told a fact about running that turned out to not have even an ounce of truth. When I first started running I asked advice from several fellow runners and ended up receiving a variety of hints and tips, some at complete polar opposites. This has […]

Common Running Injuries

The 5 Most Common Running Injuries

Most of the time injuries occur when you push yourself too hard. No one is immune to injury but we can take precautions to make sure we are not as likely to hurt ourselves.   I have listed a five of the most common running injuries, and the best way to avoid and treat them. […]

Statue pushing Ball in Leeds

Beating Resistance – Get in the KNOW

Resistance, or procrastination is something we experience on a daily basis, whether it’s starting on a new project or going for a run. If you are anything like me it strikes just when you finally get up to do something, suddenly every distraction in the world shows up.   “I’m a bit thirsty, just a […]

Running Goal Setting

Goal Setting – Are You Being Realistic?

Setting yourself goals when running is a brilliant way to stay motivated and make sure you build on positive habits. Unfortunately many runners are unrealistic with their goal setting and end up risking injury, or giving up in frustration! Knowing what kind of goals to set, and knowing how to see what goals are unrealistic are […]

Running right

The Three Biggest Running Form Mistakes

For many, the beauty of running is the simplicity. Back to basics, two feet on the ground, run to clear your head. Unfortunately if your technique is wrong, each run will feel like a chore and  your body will be less efficient.   There are hundreds of articles and posts that will try and walk […]

Running Track - Three ways to run faster

3 Ways to Run Faster

We all want to run that little bit faster, and a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that runners on average have got faster over the past decade. Although changing your running style takes time, you can introduce changes right away to improve your speed.   Intervals Although you may […]

Feet up Steps - A 2016 running plan

Hit 2016 Running – A 4 Point Plan To Get You Started

Christmas and the New Year have come and gone and tens of millions of people around the world have made resolutions for the next 12 months. New Years goals about getting into shape are the most common, probably brought on by the binge drinking and food comas. Unfortunately many people fall short of these aims. […]