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Google Poly

Creative and Development Inspiration 2

Today’s links are a mix of creative and development. A little bit of inspiration, and information.


7 Steps to creating a UX Strategy

I’ll start it off with some easy reading. This article walks you through 7 vital steps to creating a solid UX strategy. I think the first point is spot on, considering how I don’t believe many people fully understand this.


Google Poly

Microsoft gave you clip art, and Google raises it with Poly.
A libary of thousands of 3D objects, created by both Google and Google users. These assets can be used to build apps, lowering the cost for developers.
Google has also confirmed that they will allow third-party apps to plug in via API. Here we come VR!


5 Intuitive Material Design Drawers Examples

A drawer is a slideable side menu within an app. These examples show how using the Material style can make drawers so much more appealing to the user.


Export SVGs from Photoshop

A great little script that can speed up the process of exporting SVGs from


Is the Static Logo dead?

If it wasn’t already hard enough to create a solid brand, now logos want to move.


9 Beautiful Beer Label Designs

A nice easy finisher. Nothing better than looking at beautifully designed beer bottles.
Well, there is. But these are all I can give you for now.

Web and Development Inspiration

Creative and Development Inspiration 1

A few things I have come across over the past few days. Written and saved here. Mainly so I can come back and find them!



Needing to create mock ups? Screenshot visuals for documentation? It tends to be a fiddly, repetitive process.

Not any more!



Need more serious looking graphs and charts on your site? This script gives you a Github like charts to show your data.



Accessibility. It can be a right nightmare to integrate, but is a must if you want to enable all users to access your site.

Enter Funkify, a plugin that lets you experience it first hand



I love this next one. Think sketched wire frame, but a framework.

This less than formal CSS framework is great, but I’m not sure when it would be used



Everyone loves a good form… Well, it might be helpful.



We are always looking for new ways to engage clients, and users. Whether that’s with a give-away, or a immersive digital campaign.

Enter Phaser, a open source HTML platform framework for games! Pretty retro.



I am not a fan of coding emails. At all. Bouncing the code backwards and forwards through Email on Acid finding IEs quirks, and Lotus Note then breaks everything.

This might be a savour. Lets see. Markup for email – make responsive emails quickly



A nice small one. Balloon.css. A simple, easy to use tooltip style.